Wonderful Jewelry: From The Artist and Her Brand

By Aída Araya   Photo by Andrés Madrigal


Information on the Costa Rican artist Adriana Gómez Tristán and her creations.

Adriana Gómez Tristán is a Costa Rican artist who, thanks to her artistic background and creativity, produces these wonderful pieces that we show you here.
Under her internationally renowned personal brand, AGOT, are born these one-of-a-kind creations.

Using what nature gives

Making use of raw materials given to her by nature, such as river rocks, glass polished by the sea and semiprecious stones, Adriana creates veritable works of art that compliment feminine beauty.

In order to frame the raw materials and make their natural beauty stand out even more, Adriana uses 925 and 950 sterling silver. Without a doubt the combination is extraordinarly fresh and contemporary.

The raw materials stand out exactly as they are found, without any alteration to their shape or color, which is a boon to those who love natural things, and the silver emphasizes the natural beauty of the main element.

You can find AGOT creations at the Joyería Hossli, in Multiplaza Escazú, Juan Santamaría International Airport, Hotel Four Seasons

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